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The Wedding Planning tool to keep the entire wedding party connected during the most memorable times

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Plan a wedding like never before


We know planning a wedding is anything but easy. That’s why we give you the tools to get organized, communicate and plan every aspect of your special day.

Dashboard. Check your status and planning progress on an easy-to-read dashboard

Guest management. Manage guest lists, groups, and online RSVP in an easy-to-use feature

Seating organization. Organize confirmed guests into customizable seating charts

Gift registry. Import all your desire gifts for everyone to see

Budget. Manage every penny, track spending, and never forget a payment

Checklist. Assign tasks and due dates with simple, customizable checklists

Have your own wedding app for all your attendees

The perfect app for your wedding party!

All your attendees will be able to review all the wedding details
in real time (agenda, weather forecast, hotel accomodation…).

Access to gift registry, send money directly to the couple, and
connect their profiles with their favourite social media.

All of these in a quick and easy access mobile app.

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Connect with your wedding party like never before

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Schedulle a message. Plan ahead messages that will be sent to
your wedding party.

SMS at 2 am, “Bus will be leaving in 30 minutes!”

Urgent message. Send an instant SMS or email to your
wedding party when something unexpected happens.

SMS and email, “Alert, cloudy with a chance of rain!”

Create a poll. Be conneted with your wedding party and ask
them about their preferences.

Poll, “What do you want for dinner? Meat, veggetables or fish”

What are you waiting for?

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